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Calculator for Regular Savings Plan

Here you can either calculate how much a certain amount invested each month will amount to at the end of the investment period or you can enter your target sum and see how much you need to save each month to reach your target sum.

Simply enter amounts in the boxes below and click enter.

Enter your estimated monthly savings payment and see what the total return of your investment will be at the end of the term years.

Term years Interest pa. Sum
1 6.00% 1240
2 7.00% 2583
3 8.00% 4081
5 9.00% 7599
10 10.00% 20655

Enter your targeted savings amount and see how much you have to save each month depending on the term years.

Term years Interest pa. Monthly payment
1 6.00% 1613
2 7.00% 774
3 8.00% 490
5 9.00% 263
10 10.00% 97

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