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These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of our company and our services. Click on the question to see more info.

Why should I choose Amicus Investment Agreement for investing purposes?
Our Investment Agreement is like a high yield savings account. Amicus Investment Ltd offers competitive fixed returns, both for regular savings and single, one-off investments. Amicus Investment Ltd pays the agreed fixed return to its clients irrespective of the performance of its investment portfolio.

How can Amicus Invest pay such high interest rates (up to 8% per annum) to its clients when banks pay only 2-3% per annum for their long-term deposits?
Amicus Investment Ltd invests over half of its assets into a range of interest bearing instruments like consumer loan portfolios and corporate bond funds. The rest of our assets are invested into equities globally. Our current fixed return from the consumer loan portfolios is 11% per annum. We monitor our investment portfolio carefully to avoid the worst market drops. For this purpose we use advanced stop-loss order functionalities which are provided by our bank’s trading platform.

We also offer special deals with direct securities for those clients who invest a minimum of 50,000 USD/EUR/GBP/AUD with us. These funds are invested forward into our Affiliate Company’s consumer loan business in Europe. This Company offers consumer loans with 20% per annum interest rate. Amicus Investment Ltd is paid 11% fixed annual return for these investments and we accordingly pay forward to our clients the agreed interest up to 8% per annum. This leaves us an average margin of at least 3% per annum.

Our Affiliate Company assigns the consumer loan agreements which they have sold with our client’s funds as a security to our client when requested such an additional security. This security is called a loan portfolio. These consumer loans are granted only to clients with a clean credit history and high enough regular income. The historical credit loss ratio is only 5% of issued loans, due to their strict loan approval policy and effective collection.

Definition of a consumer loan: An amount of money lent to an individual (usually on a non-secured basis) for personal, family, or household purposes. Consumer loans are monitored by government regulatory agencies for compliance with consumer protection regulations. They are also called consumer credit or consumer lending and pay-day loans.

Who owns Amicus Investment Ltd?
The shares of Amicus Investment Ltd are owned by Amicus Foundation. Amicus Foundation is a private foundation which donates half of its annual return to various charities. The charities for donation purposes are chosen annually by the Councilors of Amicus Foundation.

Are you covered by any statutory or governmental Investors Protection Scheme?
Amicus Investment Ltd.’s investment portfolio is well diversified between various asset classes and it has had a solid long-term performance. The risk profile is balanced with an expectation of an average annual net return of between 8-12% in a 5-year investment horizon. Based on this, Amicus Investment Ltd. is able to offer the agreed fixed returns to its clients investing in Amicus Investment Agreements. We are not covered by any Investors Protection Scheme as such.
There is given direct securities for new accounts with a minimum investment of 20,000 USD or currency equivalent with a minimum term of 12 months. Please ask further details from our Customer Service.
How does Amicus Investment Ltd. invest the funds?
The risk profile is balanced with an expectation of an average annual net return of between 8-12% in a 5-year investment horizon. Based on this, Amicus Investment Ltd. is able to offer the agreed fixed returns to its clients investing in Amicus Investment Agreements.

What is the minimum investment in an Amicus Investment Agreement?
The minimum investment in an Amicus Regular Savings Plan is 100 USD/month or currency equivalent. The minimum investment in an Amicus Single Investment Plan is 5,000 USD or currency equivalent. Both plans can be opened in any freely tradable currency.

Are there any annual fees in Amicus Investment Agreement?
There are no annual fees in Amicus Investment Agreement or in its underlying investment products Amicus Bonus Cash Account, Amicus Regular Savings Plan or Amicus Single Investment Plan.

Are there any other fees?
In addition to the normal bank rates, there is a 0.25% currency exchange fee when clients request investments to be made or withdrawn in a currency other than their chosen main Agreement currency denomination.
What currencies can I choose when signing up Amicus Investment Agreement?
Amicus Investment Agreement and its underlying investment products Amicus Regular Savings Plan or Amicus Single Investment Plan can be agreed in any freely tradable currency. The fixed returns are the same regardless of the currency choice.
Is my investment paid to a foreign bank account?
Yes, we will give you detailed payment instructions after we have approved your application.
What does an Amicus Cash Account mean and how does it work?
All clients signing an Investment Agreement with Amicus Investment Ltd. have a Cash Account as their main account. The Cash Account works as a transaction account showing the transaction history of a client’s Investment Agreement with Amicus Investment Ltd. All investments made will first be booked to the Cash Account and then transferred to the chosen Regular Savings Account or Fixed Term Account on the last day of the relevant month. The number of withdrawals from a Cash Account is unlimited and free of charge. Clients can also request a certain amount to be held in the Cash Account. There is no interest payable on the Cash Account. For further information about the Amicus Cash account, please read the Terms and Conditions and Special Terms and Conditions of Amicus Investment Agreement.

How do Amicus Automatically Renewable Fixed Term Accounts work?
Amicus Automatically Renewable Fixed Term accounts are accounts with 3, 6 or 12-month investment period. The new investment period on Automatically Renewable Fixed Term Accounts always starts on the date we receive the funds from the client. The invested capital and agreed return are automatically re-invested at the end of the chosen investment period to the present account type. When the client wants to terminate the automatic renewable option the order must be given at least one month prior to the next maturity date. The number of withdrawals to the Cash Account is unlimited and free of charge from the 3-month Fixed Term Account.
What is an Amicus Bonus Cash Account?
With an Amicus Bonus Cash Account, you earn 3% per annum interest, plus a bonus interest of 1% per annum. You get a very competitive interest rate, with free withdrawals. You can manage your investment according to your needs and earn your return.

I read that the financial regulatory authority of a country has issued a warning about Amicus Investment. What does it mean?
Amicus Investment Ltd. is registered in the Marshall Islands. We offer our financial services to clients from all over the world, following the legislation of the Marshall Islands. Therefore, we are not bound by other countries’ financial authorities and such warnings have no effects on our business. For more information, please contact our customer service.
What do Special Deals mean?
Our Special Deals section is for investors who want to invest a minimum of 50,000 USD or the currency equivalent. To receive an individual offer, please send your details to us via the form on our Special Deals page.

What kind of taxes do I have to pay for the investments made to Amicus Investment Agreement?
Capital gains, investment income and wealth are taxed differently in different countries. Usually taxation takes place in the country of residence. Amicus Investment Ltd does not send income statements to any authority. It is therefore account holders’ own responsibility to provide such information regarding their investments, to the relevant tax authorities.

Is it possible to make early redemptions?
Account holders are expected to hold their investment products to the end of their chosen investment period. Early withdrawals can be made from Amicus Regular Savings Plan with 30 days’ notice by paying the accrued interest as the penalty. In case account holders need to redeem funds from their Amicus Single Investment Plan before the agreed maturity of the underlying investment account they should contact our Customer Services to receive the terms available for early redemptions. Withdrawals from the 3-month account are free of charge.

Are there any financial penalties in case of early redemptions?

Yes, penalties will be charged if an early redemption is allowed.

Can I transfer funds from my Investment Agreement to another person?
The account holder does not have the right to transfer funds from the Investment Agreement to another person without Amicus Investment Ltd’s approval.

Who can sign up?
An Investment Agreement with Amicus Investment Ltd. can be signed by any individual or company worldwide except the residents of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. If you sign up as a minor, the application form must be signed by all of your legal custodians.

Is it possible to overdraw the Cash Account?
The Cash Account linked to an Amicus Investment Agreement is not to be overdrawn at any point. The account holder has the responsibility to immediately cover any negative balances by making a new investment into the Cash Account, unless there are funds held in fixed term accounts. Upon overdrawing the Cash Account, Amicus Investment Ltd. has the right to immediately freeze the account against withdrawals without giving prior notification. If the deficit is substantial, or occurs on repeated occasions, Amicus Investment Ltd has the right to terminate the Investment Agreement. For further information about overdrawing an account please read the Terms and Conditions of the Investment agreement of Amicus Investment Ltd.

Do I have the right to terminate an Amicus Investment Agreement?
The account holder and also any person or persons who have been given power of attorney by the account holder have the right to terminate an Amicus Investment Agreement. If a trustee or executor has been appointed, the right of termination is determined by the decisions and regulations which from time to time apply to the said persons. The account holder as well as Amicus Investment Ltd., has the right to decide if and when the Investment Agreement is to be terminated. If payments are to be made, these take place in accordance with the Special Terms and Conditions which are applicable for the chosen investment products.

Where is Amicus Investment Ltd.'s office located?
Amicus Investment Ltd.’s registered address is Amicus Investment Ltd., Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960. Our clients are requested to send their regular mailings to our postal address. Please contact our Customer Services to find out our nearest P.O. Box address to you.

How can I change my contact details?
Go to our Products page and download a “Change of Address” form there. You should mail the original signed form to us.

How is Amicus Investment Ltd regulated?
Amicus Investment Ltd is registered in the Marshall Islands and has the right to offer investment agreements according to its Articles of Association.

Our Customer Service is pleased to help you with any other questions you might have.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our Customer Service is open on banking days between 8:00-16:00 (CET).

Telephone: +43 720 116 821

After opening hours please contact us via our online chat or by sending us an email to the email address below.

[email protected]

Amicus Investment Ltd
Post Box:
Gumpendorfer Str 142
1060 Vienna

Amicus Investment Ltd does not offer any investment services in or from Austria.

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