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Amicus Regular Savings Plan

Enjoy the best interest rates for a fixed-term account with an Amicus Regular Savings Plan. The Regular Savings Plan Terms are 1-10 years with interest of 6.00-10.00% payable per annum.

Fixed Returns
High Interest Rates
Fast & Easy application
No annual fees
24/7 account access
Confidential service

Term yrs Interest pa.
1 6.00%
2 7.00%
3 8.00%
5 9.00%
10 10.00%
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Are you saving for something special?

Do you have a dream to fulfil? Or are you saving for the possibility of a better future? In any case an Amicus Regular Savings Plan is for you!

An Amicus Regular Savings Plan is a savings plan where you invest a sum of your choice each month until the set term of the plan has run out. You will then receive a return on your investment. We have made the application process very easy and quick and you have 24/7 access to your account. Our products are designed to be safe and easy to invest so you can just sit back and watch your investment grow over time.

  • The minimum monthly regular investment is 100 USD or the currency equivalent. Higher regular investments are possible without notice. There are no penalties if payments are made irregularly or just once.
  • Payments can be made in all major currencies. The interest payable is the same regardless of the currency choice.
  • New payments are invested on the last day of each month.
  • Capital and accrued interest is transferred to a cash account on the last day of the month at the end of the chosen savings term.
  • Early redemption is possible at any time by giving 30-days notice, with a loss of accrued interest for the part of the capital to be withdrawn. Clients should therefore consider carefully the length of their savings term choice.
General information for all our products


An Amicus Investment Agreement can be signed in all major currencies. A list of acceptable currencies can be requested from our Customer Service. The return is the same regardless of the currency choice. If the client requests a currency exchange to be made, a Currency Exchange Fee of 0.25% of the exchanged amount is added to the normal bank rates and is withdrawn from the Cash Account.


All account holders with Amicus Investment Agreement have a Cash Account as their main account. The Cash Account works also as a transactions account, showing the transaction history of the account holder’s Investment Agreement with Amicus. All investments made will first be booked to the Cash Account and then transferred to the chosen Fixed Term Account on the date they are received. Payments made for Regular Savings Plans will accordingly be transferred to the planned Account on the last day of the relevant month. If no investment order has been specified, the Cash Account balance will then automatically be transferred to a 3 month Automatically Renewable Fixed Term Account. Clients can also request a certain amount to be held on their Cash Account. Vice versa, redemptions from Fixed Term Accounts will always be transferred to the Cash Account.

There is no interest payable to the Cash Account. This means that no interest will be paid for the short period between when the new funds have been booked to the Cash Account and when they are transferred to the chosen Investment Account.

Transfers into the Cash Account can be made on any banking day. Withdrawals from the Cash Account will be paid to the account holder’s bank account within five days from the receipt of the withdrawal request. Clients can also request payments to be made to an International Payment Card account linked to their Cash Account. The number of withdrawals from the Cash Account is unlimited and free of charge.


Payments can be made to us in any tradable currency, either as a bank wire or with most international credit cards. Payments can also be made via MoneyGram or Western Union. Further payment instructions will be given after your application has been approved.


Bank charges and fees occurring from clients’ payments to/from Amicus accounts are charged from client’s Cash Accounts as banks have charged them from Amicus Investment. This concerns also possible transfers to clients’ payment card accounts. Payments to an Amicus Regular Savings Plan can be made free of charge by most international credit cards.


Account holders are expected to hold their investment products to the end of their chosen investment period. Early withdrawals can be made from an Amicus Regular Savings Plan by giving 30-days’ notice, by paying the accrued interest as the penalty. In case account holders need to redeem funds from their Amicus Single Investment Plan before the agreed maturity of the underlying investment account, they should contact our Customer Service to receive the terms available for early redemptions.

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    Calculator for Regular Savings Plan

    Enter your estimated monthly savings payment and see what the total return of your investment will be at the end of the term years.

    Term years Interest pa. Sum
    1 6.00% 1240
    2 7.00% 2583
    3 8.00% 4081
    5 9.00% 7599
    10 10.00% 20655

    Enter your targeted savings amount and see how much you have to save each month depending on the term years.

    Term years Interest pa. Monthly payment
    1 6.00% 1613
    2 7.00% 774
    3 8.00% 490
    5 9.00% 263
    10 10.00% 97

    Amicus Investment Agreement

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